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Project settings are located in the Inspector, which stretches along the right side of your workspace and is additionally host to effects, utilities, edit modes and more.

At any time, the Inspector reveals the effects, utilities, etc. of selected layer(s). To view project settings, click out of any actively selected layers.

Two panels determine your project settings: Canvas and Timeline.

Canvas Settings

  1. Presets: The default canvas size is 1920p x 1080p, which is considered standard resolution. Click the dropdown to view other common media sizes.

  2. Custom: To create outside of the presets, simply adjust the Width and Height values within 1-1920 pixels. View Plans for 4K resolution.

  3. Background Color & Opacity: Click the square to view the Color Picker and change the background color. Click on percentage to adjust opacity. Click the eye to disable and have a transparent background.

  4. Antialiasing: Automatically activated on all exports unless manually deactivated, it smooths lines and removes visual distortions.

ℹ️ To turn off snapping to canvas, hold CMD while dragging the layer on the canvas, (ctrl on a PC)

Timeline Settings

  1. Frame Rate: Measures how quickly a number of frames appears within a second. Create projects with up to 30 fps (frames per second). View Plans for up to 60 fps.

  2. Duration: Determines the overall length of your project up to 30 seconds. View Plans for unlimited duration.

Layout Grid

  1. Adjust the grid's Horizontal/Vertical spacing.

  2. Grid color and opacity: Click the square to view the Color Picker and change the grid color. Click on percentage to adjust grid opacity.

  3. Snap to grid: click to align layers with your customized grid; disable to move more freely.

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