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The Pen tool enables free-form creation and animation of custom shapes and icons.

Press "P" to activate the Pen tool or access it in the Toolbar.

To draw:

  • Click anywhere on the canvas to create your first point.

  • Move the cursor and click to place your next point.

    • Click, hold, and drag for curved connections.

    • Click and drop for straight connections.

  • Repeat until all points are placed.

  • Click your first point to close the path.

  • Press Return / Enter before returning to your first point to create an open path.

You can use the Pen tool, or any of the basic shape tools, to create a new custom shape layer.

Continue building complex Paths using anchor points, bezier curves, and creation tools in Edit Path Mode.

To enter Edit Path mode:

  • Select a layer and click "Edit Path" within the properties panel under Blend Mode and above Fill.

  • Or, double-click the custom shape layer.

In Edit Path mode, select the Pen tool to continue drawing– it picks up from the last placed point or an open path's right point.

To draw from a specific point within a shape:

  • Click the point directly left-adjacent.

  • Select "Open path" in the Edit Path properties panel.

  • Select the Pen tool.

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