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Please keep an eye on this living list of tips and reminders when using Fable:

• We recommend Chrome for best results when using our software.

• We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer when using our software, vs an Ipad or smartphone.

• Fable requires access to a reliable and stable internet connection.

• If you experience any unexpected errors/issues, always refresh your browser and try again.

• Diamonds🔹 have replaced stopwatches ⏱ in our editor for setting keyframes, but you will still see watches in our some of our Youtube tutorials and some Help Center articles for now.

• Always confirm you have the layer selected that you are wanting to effect (ie: master comp/canvas vs. a shape or text layer)

• Refreshing your browser often resolves an issue.

• To import elements from Adobe XD, you can copy designs as SVGs and paste into the Fable editor. Alternatively, you can export svgs and import them into Fable. There is currently no Adobe XD plugin for Fable.

• When your final deliverable is a smaller aspect ration, it is very advisable to create first with a larger standard canvas, to give you the flexibility of resizing from the export window.

• A Scene will reside in your Asset Browser after you create it. To get back to your Scene, double click on the Scene icon in your Asset Browser and your Scene will populate in a tab above canvas.

• If you need to import image dimensions:

We’re still working on improving the design tools and images (especially being able to control width/height on the image block itself). For now, here are a few ways to go around this and have everything be the same exact size:

  1. Everything native in Fable: You can create a rectangle mask and mask every image layer with duplicates of the same rectangle. This method would clutter your timeline a bit, but if you needed everything to be in Fable, this is what you could do.

  2. Crop images in another tool + import into Fable: Fable supports importing images from plenty of other tools, so you could uniform image sizing on another app like Figma and import everything directly into Fable with our plugin.

• Importing JSON files into Fable is not supported. But if the asset is SVG inside, you can export as SVG format and then drag into your canvas.

• Multi keyframe animation is not supported yet.

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