Fable has default shape tools to make basic shapes. If you'd like a more complex shape, use the Pen Tool.

The shape tools can be accessed through the Tool Bar on the left-side of the interface. When you hover over the rectangle icon, a submenu should appear with the following shape tools

  1. Rectangle

  2. Ellipse

  3. Line

To create a basic shape, select the icon for the shape you'd like to create, and click + drag your cursor on the canvas. If you'd like to keep a 1:1 proportion to create a square or circle, hold SHIFT while you drag. Once you let go of your cursor, the shape will be created.

Each basic shape has its own set of controls on the Inspector. These can be found on the shape layer's properties panel under Blend Mode and above Fill.

  • Width - Used to make the shape narrower or wider. For lines, this controls the length of the line

  • Height - Used to make the shape taller or shorter

  • Corner Radius - Used to round corners of a shape



Corner Radius










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