Fable Export is a Figma plugin that allows you to seamlessly transfer editable layers from Figma to Fable. Using the plugin allows you to maintain layer groupings and naming conventions created in Figma, so you can remain fully in-control of the layer organization and jump straight into animating in Fable.

How to use the plugin

  1. Install Fable Export plugin
    Open Fable Export on Figma Community and click the ↓ Install button in the top-right corner. Figma will add the plugin to your account.

  2. Launch the plugin
    In your Figma project, right-click anywhere on the canvas and select Plugins Fable Export to launch it:

  3. Select desired layers or frames and click Copy
    You can transfer as many shapes, groups, frames, or components as you’d like to Fable — the plugin will display how many you have selected. Click Copy when you are ready.

  4. Open a project in Fable and right-click anywhere to paste
    You can also paste by pressing ⌘V on your keyboard.

  5. You are ready to start animating!
    All your copied layers will appear in the layer list in the timeline panel. The layers are fully editable, so you can easily change their color, position, shape, etc. directly in Fable.

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