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The Project Dashboard
The Project Dashboard

Organize and access your projects using the Project Dashboard

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Every project you create can be accessed by clicking its parent folder on the left sidebar. The grid of projects that appears whenever you click a folder is called the Project Dashboard.

The Project Dashboard updates in real-time, so you can quickly see changes made on projects or new projects that are created by your teammates.

Each Project Card displays the Project Name as well as the Time of Last Project Edit. If anybody is currently editing or viewing one of the projects on your Project Dashboard, an icon with their profile picture will display on the project.

Info Panel

The Info Panel appears on the right side of the interface and displays important information about your projects + assets in one place.

  • Access: Displays which of your collaborators has access to this project as well as what their role on the project is

  • Type: Displays the filetype of the asset currently selected

  • Created: The date this file was created

  • Last edited: The date this file was last edited. Also displays who made the last edit.

Project Previews

On the Project Dashboard, hover over project thumbnails to view a preview playback of the animation. The playback will happen directly on the project card, in place of the thumbnail.

Note: You will only start to see previews of a project it the project is animated with keyframes.

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