Create and join teams

How to create teams and access them on your dashboard.

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Create a Team

To create a team:

  1. Click + New team on the left sidebar

  2. Enter a Team name

  3. Click 'Create team'

  4. The newly created team will appear on the left sidebar

New teams are created with a default "Team projects" folder for sharing projects with others on the team.

*You can only be the creator of 1 team unless you are part of an organization.

Joining Teams

The only way to join a Fable team is to be invited into the team. You'll need to have a Fable account to accept an invitation to join the team.

If someone has invited you into a team, you will need to accept the invitation before you see the team on your Dashboard. Team invitations are sent via email.

  • Click the Join Team button to open Fable and accept the invitation

View your teams

Any teams you are a part of display on the left sidebar of the Dashboard. Underneath each team name, you'll see a list of all the team folders you have access to. To view team projects, navigate between folders to find what you're looking for.

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