Fable Starter Files
About Fable's library of starter files to kickstart your next project.
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Whether you’re creating your first project on Fable or looking to remix a file for one of your own projects, Fable Starter Files are the perfect starting point.

You can access Fable starter files in two ways:

  1. The Fable Library

  2. The Welcome Screen

The Fable Library is a collection of all starter files curated by the Fable team. To copy a project from the Fable Library into your personal workspace:

  1. Click the Library menu option at the bottom of the left sidebar on the Project Dashboard.

  2. Click any project on the Library.

  3. The project will be copied into your Private Projects folder and will be immediately opened for you to work on.

Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen appears for all new Fable users and anytime a new Team is created. The welcome screen displays a curated set of projects from the Library.

While on the Welcome screen:

  • Clicking any project thumbnail will copy the project into your Private Projects folder.

  • Clicking Empty Project will create a blank project for you to work on.

  • Clicking See more files will open the Fable Library.

Starter Files are available for all Fable users.

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