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What are behaviors?

Behaviors are a Fable tool that makes the process of animation quick and easy. They can be used to affect the layer they are applied to without needing to use additional effects or keyframes.

How to apply behaviors to a layer

Behaviors can be accessed on the Effects and Behaviors panel on the action bar at the top of the Editor interface.

You can apply behaviors in two ways:

  1. Double click the behavior and the behavior will be added to the selected layer

  2. Drag the behavior onto the Inspector of the currently selected layer

You can add multiple behaviors to a layer.

You cannot add behaviors to the root project layer.

How to control behaviors

There are two places to control behaviors you have applied:

Behavior Timing

You can customize the timing of your behavior on the timeline.

After applying behaviors to a layer, the behavior's timing controls will display on the timeline in a purple bar underneath the layer. You can adjust the start or end time of the behavior by dragging the ends of the behavior to any time on the timeline.

Behavior Controls

Some behaviors have controls you can use to tailor the behavior to your project. These controls are unique to each behavior. Refer to a behavior's specific help docs to learn what each control does.

Behaviors are created and maintained by the Fable team. We are actively working on new behaviors, so if you have a specific type of animation you find yourself doing repeatedly, let us know in our Discord community under #feedback or email and we can create a behavior you can use for all your projects.

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