Fable gives all users access to the Google Fonts library for setting the font families of text layers. If you have a project that requires a font family outside of the Google library, you can use Fable's Custom Fonts feature to upload font families you have licenses for.

How to use custom fonts on Fable

Adding Custom Fonts to Fable

To add a custom font to your project, do the following

1. Select a Text Layer

3. On the Inspector, click the cloud icon button to the right of the font family selector

4. Select a ttf file from your computer and click Open

5. Once the font finishes uploading, your font will be accessible on the font family selector

Using custom fonts on text layers

Once a custom font file has been uploaded, you will get a notification in the lower right telling you "custom font ready for us" with the name of the font, it will then appear as an option on the dropdown for the font family property on any text layer on your project.

Anyone who has view/edit access to your project will also be able to use the font you've uploaded to the project. Fonts are scoped to individual projects, so if you'd like to use your font on multiple projects, you'll need to upload your font each time.


Why do I need to upload?

Fable needs access to original font files in order to render fonts on the canvas and exports.

Where do I find font files on my computer?

On MacOS...

1. Open Font Book (Apple's default font manager)

2. Find the font you'd like to add to Fable

3. Right click the font

4. Click the "Show in Finder" menu option

What font files does Fable support?

Fable supports single-weight ttf files. If you are running into issues using an otf or variable-weight ttf file, please try again with the correct ttf version of the font.

Which exports do custom fonts work with?

Custom fonts can be exported on MP4, MOV, and GIF formats.

Lottie exports do not currently support Fable custom fonts.

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