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Configuring Image Properties
Configuring Image Properties
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Image properties on the inspector

Images have the same properties as shape layers. These can all be animated.

  1. Dimensions - Controls the width and height of the image.

  2. Corner radius - Controls how rounded the corners of the image should be.

  3. Fill color input - Displays that there is an image set as a fill. Clicking this will open the color panel.

Adjusting images on the color panel

If you select the image thumbnail on the color input, the color panel will open in image mode. On this panel, you can control various image properties.

  1. Image source - Allows you to swap the image to another file already in your asset browser.

  2. Image sizing - Allows you to select the way your image fill behaves when the layer dimensions change.

    1. Cover - position and scale the Image so that it fills the entire object it's applied to. If the image and the object are different shapes, the Image will be clipped.

    2. Contain - ensures the entire image is visible within the object it fills. This ensures no part of the image hidden, even when you resize the object.

  3. Image Preview - Displays a preview of the current image fill.

  4. Image upload - Button that lets you add a new image as a fill.

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