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ℹ️ With Remix Mode, you can turn any of your projects into reusable templates for collaborators to create on-brand creative assets with ease.

Say goodbye to the hassle of copy changes, image swaps, and tedious variations of existing projects. With Remix mode, you can enable anyone on your team to create project variations while maintaining brand/design consistency, no matter their motion skill level.

Remix mode leverages variables you’ve created on your project to surface a set of controls you curate for your collaborators. Your teammates can create an unlimited number of variations using only the controls you specify. These changes do not overwrite the original project allowing you to keep your creative space pure.

What this article covers

  • How to access Remix mode

  • An overview of the Remix mode interface

  • Creating and sharing remix links to your collaborators

Accessing Remix Mode

To access Remix mode:

  1. Open a project.

  2. Click the mode switcher at the top of the page.

  3. Select "Remix."

Remix Mode Overview

Remix mode consists of the following sections: the Header, the Controls panel, the Canvas, and the Timeline.

  1. The Header allows you to navigate back to your dashboard, access the mode switcher, share your project, and export your project.

  2. The Controls panel displays all the controls you can use to create variations of your project. To set up these controls, the project creator needs to use Variables in Create mode.

  3. The Canvas displays a real-time rendering of your project.

  4. The Timeline controls playback of the canvas.

ℹ️ If the project creator does not set up any Variables for the project, the Controls panel will not be displayed.

Sharing Remix links

Click Share in the upper right corner of the header to bring up this modal:

You can share Remix links the same way you would share any other project link in Fable and you're able to share them with teammates, specific individuals, or even make them publicly available.

All of these options can be found in the share modal pulldowns.

Remix links make it easy to invite others to create and export variations of your project without the need for email invitations.

To learn more, refer to the Project Sharing article.

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