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Fable's Review Mode provides a streamlined viewing experience for your project. This mode disables editing capabilities, presenting only the visuals of your project and a play/pause button.

Use Review mode to evaluate your completed work or share it with teammates for feedback.

What this article covers:

  • Accessing Review Mode

  • Review mode overview

  • Sharing Review links

Accessing Review mode

To access Review mode:

  1. Open a project.

  2. Click the mode switcher at the top of the page.

  3. Select "Review."

Review mode overview

Review mode is the simplest interface for your project. It is composed of three sections: the Header, the Canvas, and the Timeline.

  1. The Header allows you to navigate back to your dashboard, access the mode switcher, share your project, and export your project.

  2. The Canvas displays a real-time rendering of your project.

  3. The Timeline can be used to control playback of the canvas.

Sharing Review links

You can share Review links the same way you would share any other project link. You can share links with teammates, specific individuals, or even make them publicly available. All of these options can be found in the share modal.

To learn more, refer to the Project Sharing article.

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